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Work mastery

Web designer 93%
Graphics 98%
Editing 87%
other services 91%
Hossein Derakhshani Mansourkohi

Information and communication technology expert

More than several years of experience in the field of computer and Internet

The project is done


Online response


Telephone answering


Number of services

Some services provided

Web design

Designing a news, corporate, store, entertainment website, etc.

Site optimization

SEO and increasing site ranking and keywords in Google

Increase site speed

Increasing the security of sites and preventing attacks

Increase site security

Making promotional clips, teasers and mixes of wedding films and...

Graphic Design

Logo design, banner, business card, poster, tract, brochure, etc.

Mixing and mastering

Making promotional clips, teasers and mixes of wedding films and...

SMS system

Professional and the most advanced SMS system

Support Site

24-hour support and monitoring of sites

professional photography

Industrial photography, gatherings, ceremonies and outdoor

Messenger security

Increasing the security of messengers and social networks

Typing and editing

Typing different languages ​​and editing all kinds of texts

Research and PowerPoint

Creating PowerPoint pages and research and articles

Educational, research and career records

work experience

  • 1
    The founder of the Internet service Achar France
  • 2
    Founder of Nikan Tadbir Derakhshan Company
  • 3
    Baharan computer services management
  • 4
    Informatics manager of Majd Aria company
  • 5
    Informatics Manager of Bazar Tir Company
  • 6
    Management of more than 30 sites
  • 7
    and ...

educational experience

  • 1
    Photoshop tutoring
  • 2
    Private teaching of website design
  • 3
    Webinar on increasing social network security
  • 4
    Majd Arya company instructor
  • 5
    Teacher of Bazar Tir Company
  • 6
    Online teaching in the field of computers
  • 7
    and ...

Learn about the A4Fran3

a4fran3 team managed by Hossein Derakhshani and with more than several years of experience in the field of website design, optimization, graphics and advertising services is one of the most active teams. This team started its work seriously since 2012 and continues its activities until today. The French Wrench team is currently working with more than hundreds of work examples in different fields and is adding to its services day by day in order to be a real French Wrench for customers. Currently, the French Wrench team provides more than 40 services in offers different
آچار فرانسه

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